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It takes more than “love” to create a dynamic marriage. Effective communication, teamwork, a Biblical understanding of marital relationships and sometimes… just plain grit is required to work through difficult times, to face hard issues and to love unconditionally. Marriage is not for the faint of heart…and couples need a Biblical network of support for every season of their marriage.

…to change your relationship!

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

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About Us


Unique Ministry Difference


Song of Solomon Relationship Institute (SOS) was established to assist individuals in developing, building, and maintaining healthy and satisfying relationships. We serve individuals at all ages and stages by providing an avenue through which they will learn to express and manifest love and freedom in their relationships. SOS seeks to provide creative programming, spiritual guidance, education, coaching, counseling and mentoring for individuals, couples and families. We aim to accomplish this through development of Biblical knowledge, understanding and the execution of Biblical principles.



The vision of Song of Solomon Relationship Institute (SOS) is to help reduce the disintegration of the family and promote healthy relationships from their origin. Our focus is on skill-building in the areas of communication, collaboration, spiritual unity and personal health.  We believe that once these areas are impacted and strengthened, our homes, communities and workplaces will become stronger, happier and more productive. Through multi-media support, one-on-one sessions, group events, conferences and consulting, we desire to impact thousands of individuals per year and create a healthier community.

Ron and LaShun Franklin began ministry together years before they were actually married. They met in a local community choir over 25 years ago and have always loved worshiping and serving God and others. They began to serve in youth ministry in 1989 as youth pastors in the inner city of Detroit. Their passion for children and youth was infectious and God caused the ministry to become fruitful, touching many families in the inner city community.

In 2003 they began teaching and ministering to married and premarital couples at Detroit World Outreach Church, under the leadership of Bishop Jack Wallace. In 2005, the Franklins founded the Song of Solomon Marriage Ministries. This ministry was birthed out compassion for people and from the desperate needs that couples shared with them. They are now serving under the dynamic leadership at Detroit World Outreach Christian Center.


The Franklins have ministered to couples all over the city and internationally in the area of marriage and family relationships. People look forward to their wisdom and down-to-earth, transparent way of sharing God’s Word. Many marriages and families have been changed and empowered to reach destiny, through this dynamic ministry.


The Franklins are licensed ministers of the Gospel, certified marriage educators, and certified Biblical counselors. LaShun is a licensed psychotherapist with a concentration in Trauma & Loss and Marriage and Family Therapy.

Song of Solomon Relationship Institute provides the community with quarterly couple’s “Tune-ups”, marriage retreat weekends, family nights, Relationship Boot Camps, Team-building seminars, preparation for premarital couples, and sound Biblical teaching.



Song of Solomon Relationship Institute (SOS)

is very unique and distinct from other ministries because:

  1. We help build victorious Christian families by being transparent, accessible, practical and knowledgeable about topics taught.
  2. Singles and Couples can equally receive strategies for growth and success in the areas of communication and healthy relationships.
  3. Individuals are supported in crossing age and racial barriers through building covenant relationships.
  4. SOS has incorporated a graduated system of support and accountability between newlyweds and veterans called Couple Accountability Partners (CAP).
  5. We teach and encourage people to have fun and enjoy their relationships and family by providing regular activities and forums for development.
  6. SOS provides professional and Biblical counseling services.
  7. God has called us to reproduce similar ministries through training and mentoring sessions.


Song of Solomon Relationship Institute provides relationship growth opportunities through:

  1. Employing Biblical principles and educational opportunities
  2. Couple weekends and fellowship events
  3. Premarital workshops and classes
  4. Fellowships
  5. Accountability partnerships
  6. Mentoring opportunities
  7. Communication skills retreats

And more...


Premarital education classes

"God’s Blueprint for Marriage” enrichment classes

“Living the God-kind of Marriage” conferences

Marriage Tune-up quarterly seminars

Marriage Bootcamps

Singles Bootcamps

Couple’s Accountability Partners



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Song of Solomon Relationship Institute

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